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Murray Basin Mineral Sands


Murray Basin heavy mineral sands deposits.

Significant project portfolio

Broken Hill Prospecting have established a significant portfolio of heavy mineral sands projects across the Murray Basin.


High grade heavy mineral sands deposit pipeline.

Deposit pipeline

Targeting a ‘pipeline’ approach for development of high-grade HMS deposits using a modular, portable, mobile plant (MMU).

Shallow, high grade heavy mineral sands deposits remain open along strike.

Open resources

Copi North and Magic resources are shallow high-grade strandline deposits that remain open along strike. Historical data compilation has identified 18 heavy mineral sand deposit targets across the portfolio.


Heavy Mineral Sand joint venture with Relentless Resources.


Broken Hill Prospecting have partnered with Relentless Resources for the progression of the two primary deposits; Copi North & Magic.

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Our strategy for the Murray Basin Project targets continued resource growth for the establishment of a sustainable pipeline of high grade, low tonnage deposits. Our resource development model considers processing through mobile plant equipment capable of being deployed across the broader project area.

In joint venture (50:50) with Relentless Resource we are progressing our advanced resources (Copi North & Magic) through to development, having commenced pre-feasibility studies for Copi North during the second quarter of 2016. 

Beyond our joint venture tenure, we have established a commanding presence in the New South Wales, Murray Basin. Our low-cost, exploration strategy will continue to target shallow high-grade mineralisation with high-value heavy mineral sands assemblages. 



Through a measured exploration strategy we have established a history of sustained resource growth. In 2016, drilling at Copi North extended high grade mineralisation approximately 2.6km to the northwest supporting a revised mineral resource estimate. The estimate increased total resource tonnes by 22% and maintained heavy mineral grade at 6.6%.  Increasing geological confidence and data density also improved resource classification with 77% now classified as Indicated.

The Copi North deposit remains open to the northwest and intermittently outcrops over an additional 2km strike.  A conceptual exploration target comprising 0.5-1Mt at 2-5% THM, 3-6% slimes and 4-8% oversize* has been derived through analysis of historical and recent drilling.

Future drilling is to target similar resources across both the joint-venture and 100% owned project areas.

*The Copi North exploration target is as released 27 May 2016 under JORC2012. The potential quantity and grade of this target is conceptual in nature. There has been insufficient exploration to define a Mineral Resource and it is uncertain if further exploration will result in determination of a Mineral Resource.


Copi North Mineral Resources


RESOURCE CATEGORY TONNES (millions) THM (%) Density (g/cm³) Slimes <53um (%) Oversize >1mm (%)
COPI NORTH DEPOSIT Cut-off Grade 2.5% Total Heavy Mineral (THM) (As released 27 May 2016 under JORC 2012)
Inferred 3.2 6.8 1.83 2.8 1.6
Indicated 11.0 6.3 1.82 2.7 2.4
Total 14.2 6.6 1.83 2.8 2.0
TONNES (millions) THM (%) Ilmenite (%) Rutile (%) Zircon (%) Monazite (%) Leucoxene (%) Other HM (%)
14.2 6.6 54.4 10.8 11.3 1.0 10.0 12.6



RESOURCE CATEGORY TONNES (millions) THM (%) Density (g/cm³) Slimes <53um (%) Oversize >1mm (%)
MAGIC DEPOSIT Cut-off Grade 2% THM (As released 10 September 2015 under JORC 2012)
Inferred 15 3.7 4 1
Total 15 3.7 4 1
TONNES (millions) THM (%) Ilmenite (%) Rutile (%) Zircon (%) Monazite (%) Leucoxene (%) Other HM (%)
15 3.7 62 6 14 - 10 8